Streamline Your Human Services Referrals

Wherever people need help in order to live with dignity, Resource House makes access easier and more comprehensive.

Wherever professionals are committed to improving and expanding human services, Resource House provides advanced technology designed specifically to help them do just that.

Wherever states, agencies and other organizations are challenged to integrate diverse and far-flung human service resources, Resource House meets the challenge and exceeds expectations.

From the smallest helpline to the largest government department, Resource House is built to deliver solutions, every day. This versatile, intelligent software suite comes by its functionality through hands-on experience in your world. So whatever approach you’re taking to getting people the help they need, we’re behind you.

Better still: we’re beside you, all the way.

Even the most sophisticated software is of little use without responsive, intelligent support. This is why for many, customer support is where a provider’s worth proves itself. Here at North Light Software we pride ourselves on our customer support.

“  We’ve had a support contract with North Light since January 2005. I have been very happy with the staff’s knowledge and their prompt attention to solving any problems that we have had. ”- Karen Toussel Karen Toussel SE MN Area Agency on Aging