Flexible, integrated, easy to maintain, advanced and accessible. Those are just a few of the benefits North Light’s 2-1-1 / I&Rcustomers appreciate about Resource House.

Flexible means that Resource House is built to accommodate how your organization does things. When it comes to storing client and caregiver data, its many configurable features make the entire software suite feel as though it was customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Integrated describes the ease with which you can bring together your own resource database with the other 2-1-1 databases throughout your region or state.

Easy to maintain really applies across the board; but perhaps it comes through most powerfully in Resource House’s direct updating capabilities. The providers in your database can revise their own information as often as they like—while you get a clear view of all changes and deletions, in context. So you can accept or reject every item. That means less work for you, with no compromise of either control or security.

Advanced? Definitely. Resource House is constantly being upgraded to incorporate cutting-edge technology, as well as users’ requests and suggestions. Directory preparation is just one example. You can customize the look and content of your directories; allow providers to create their own from your database; get automatically updated information every time you print; and a lot more.

Accessible is one way to talk about Public Portal: our user-friendly, highly customizable public Website module. Providers enjoy Resource House’s accessibility, too, through their own Provider Portal. You can easily distribute your database throughout the community—either for free, or for a fee that doesn’t incur printing costs.

The Bottom Line

Resource House puts database updating in providers’ hands, while leaving the control firmly in your own. North Light’s support sets an industry standard. And dozens of thoughtful, intuitive features make the system work for you—instead of the other way round. The result: measurably more comprehensive and effective service delivery, with significantly fewer headaches.

Problem Solving

At North Light, we understand what it takes to run an efficient and effective multihub 2-1-1 system. That’s why we’ve included a built-in national 2-1-1 search function we maintain ourselves,so you and your users can easily locate any 2-1-1 resource center in the United States.

Customizable fields throughout the system make it easy to adapt Resource House to your changing needs. And our Report module is robust, widely customizable and feature-rich. Reporting is vastly simpler, too, because you can break down needs and problems by Zip.

Integrate fully without losing local identities.
Support individual variations from one 2-1-1 to the next, while building and maintaining a seamless 2-1-1 database at the same time. With Resource House, you can simply push out common pick lists and configurations to everyone via the Web.
Publish a single directory with custom variations.
Each sponsoring 2-1-1 can customize and brand your common online public directory.
Support collaboration and individual control.
I&R centers can make after hours trade-offs, while participating2-1-1s continue to maintain control of their own databases.

Ease of Use

Database people; managers; call staff; volunteers; the public—everyone, across the board, finds Resource House easy to learn and use.

Keep your database maintenance people happy.
Database maintenance tools are straightforward, intuitive and comprehensive.
Give power to the people.
Public Portal, our online community interface, is both accessible and packed with uniquely helpful features.
Cut the learning curve.
2-1-1 I&R center staff get up to speed fast, thanks to a clear, six step user interface.
Create sophisticated directories with ease.
Preparing, printing and updating directories has never been this easy.
Enjoy configuring reports.
Report layout is a lot simpler and more fun with Resource House’s drag and drop function.


In case of natural disasters, your system has to remain 100% functional and reliable. The vital role 2-1-1 played during the 2004 Florida hurricanes and Hurricane Katrina made this clearer than ever before.

Resource House is built to take it. With its Web-Windows hybrid platform and regional/statewide data redundancy, your North Light system can ensure uninterrupted service under pressure.

Natural disaster.
Your statewide database is physically backed up—automatically—at every 2-1-1 office in the system. So redundant copies of the database are distributed statewide.
Physical terrorist attacks.
The same automated redundancy feature protects your data from unnatural disasters, too.
Each 2-1-1 hub has a complete, redundant, synchronized copy of the statewide database that can run indefinitely offline, via Windows. So even disruption of the Internet itself can’t compromise your Information and Referral data.