Long-term care for the elderly and people with disabilities presents unique challenges. Services must be consumer-centered and fully integrated. And both consumers and providers need a single point of entry into advanced, comprehensive functionality.

North Light has worked closely with Aging and Disability Resource Centers across the country since these federal grants began. We’ve honed our expertise on the job, customizing new structures and tools to meet real-world situations in the ADRC environment. That kind of experience makes the difference between state-of-the-art service delivery and business as usual.

Made to Order

Why spend the money to install custom-made software, when you can have Resource House? Instead of trying to dictate your workflow, our adaptable technology follows what you’ve told us you need.

What’s more, the Resource House product suite is flexible and fully integrated. There’s no data migration needed between components. All modules share the same file structure and speak the same language. The upshot? You get a flexible and intuitive software structure, complete with full data integration.

Easy for Them; Easy for You

Whichever way people connect to you, Resource House is there to meet them. For phone and walk-in requests, your staff has all the data at their fingertips: the answer they’re looking for is never more than a couple of keystrokes away.

At the same time, a powerful Web-based searchable resource database puts leading-edge search capabilities right in clients and caregivers’ hands. Accessible, robust and easy to use, our sophisticated consumer Website includes integrated self-assessment and planning tools. North Light doesn’t look to other vendors for this critical component, incidentally. It’s native to our own seamless system.

Empowerment All Round

People should have the tools they need to make the decisions affecting their lives. That’s why Resource House includes an online long-term care Resource Advisor, which guides older adults and caregivers through a step-by-step process to figure out what they need; locate resources in the community; and develop a plan that can be saved and emailed. This comprehensive, forward-looking capability gives your clients maximum control, and gives your staff a head-start on assessment and counseling tasks.

And speaking of your staff: shouldn’t technology make their lives easier, too? At North Light, we think it should—so our Referral program lets you customize call operations to your specifications. And Report uses your own criteria to organize data—then displays it in three-dimensional color, for maximum clarity and impact.

The Future, Now

Perspectives in long-term care are constantly shifting. Changing demographics and emerging research reshape policy and practice almost daily. Caregiver assessment, emergency preparedness and response, service delivery over large geographic areas … these and many other issues are challenging ADRCs to respond with flexible, innovative solutions. Perhaps more than ever before, a lean and nimble software system can be your greatest ally in staying ahead of the curve.

We know. It’s where we live.

“The Long-Term Care decision tool [Long-Term Care Resource Advisor] is some of the best work I’ve seen this team ever do… Wow, I am so proud of this tool, and we all can be. Good work all. All I can say is Wow!”- Krista Boston, J.D. - Director, Consumer Assistance Programs Minnesota DHS