Philanthropic foundations active in the human service arena are finding Resource House an invaluable ally. Take The Montgomery County Foundation of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The Foundation’s mission is to solidify the county’s health and wellness infrastructure; improve social conditions and quality of life; increase access to health and human services; and strengthen the integrity of local safety net programs.

That’s a tall order.

In 2006, The Montgomery County Foundation collaborated with the North Penn Community Health Foundation and United Way of Southeast Pennsylvania (2-1-1) to license Resource House under the logo InfoLinkPA. Today, InfoLinkPA is Montgomery County’s most comprehensive online database of local providers.

Yes, We Can!

The most successful foundations are those that can create the most stable and inclusive cooperative networks. Without automatic access to local data resources, they must find their own ways to connect providers with the public—and both with government, too.

The Montgomery County Foundation continues to build and expand dynamic relationships at every level of its community, in large part thanks to North Light’s accommodating technology and human service know-how.

Virginia Frantz, the Montgomery County Foundation’s President & CEO, says:

“Our mission: to enhance constituents’ quality of life by improving access to health and human services. The Montgomery County Foundation is committed to acting as a catalyst for community solutions. Bottom line, we want to give both providers and consumers access to intuitive interfaces that make it easy for them to connect, collaborate, and follow through.

Our agencies have been requesting a coordinated database for some time. So we looked at various software products, and finally settled on Resource House. Of all the solutions on the market, Resource House has the greatest capacity; it’s versatile; and it includes the all-important caregiving component. It also supports the industry-standard Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) taxonomy, which makes it easy to standardize various databases.

We’ve consolidated all the human service databases in our county, including nonprofits and service clubs—any organization that has resources our citizens might want to know about. Now we have a comprehensive, county-wide information network that can be updated 24/7 by the providers, themselves; and that anyone at a computer keyboard can use to find the services they need.”

“The Departments of Human Services in North Carolina and Minnesota have already consolidated all the provider information in their states. These initiatives began at the state government level, but there’s no reason we couldn’t start at the grassroots, and work our way up. We—the state’s community foundations—seem ideally placed to take the lead. ”- Virginia Frantz, President & CEO, The Montgomery County Foundation