The NJ 2-1-1 Partnership, a subsidiary of the United Ways of New Jersey, positively impacts New Jersey residents’ lives every day by mobilizing the power of caring communities.

NJ 2-1-1 Information and Referral Specialists use Resource House Referral 4.0 to field incoming calls and provide referrals and follow-ups to New Jersey residents. Two regional 2-1-1 call centers (one in the north and one in the south) utilize a statewide host server for database integration. The system is currently handling over 150,000 inquiries annually.

Inquiry data collected using Referral 4.0 is then aggregated using Resource House Report 4.0. Over time, 2-1-1 data will improve the quality of programs and services by making it possible to harvest essential information on resource allocation and use it for policy decision-making and budgeting. In times of disaster, NJ 2-1-1 plays a critical role in bringing information to the people most affected by the event and in turn relays the needs of callers back to government officials and first responders who are in a position to help.

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Contact Laura Marx, Executive Director, NJ 2-1-1 Partnership: (215) 570-1148 x 4004