Agencies that coordinate statewide human services need an I&R system that is robust, yet flexible. You want tools that make it easy for stakeholders to update the centralized database, without losing their local identity-tools sufficiently integrated for tracking among multiple sites.

A good statewide system should be able to offer its citizens a single port of entry for information searches. Accessibility and usability are also important. And your system must be able to function smoothly in the face of natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

No wonder more and more states are catching on to Resource House-the system that anticipates the unique needs of government, based on years of experience. From our earliest days, North Light has consulted with states and foundations on human service delivery reform. We keep an eye on the future, continually updating Resource House to match the pace of cutting edge technology. And North Light actively solicits requirements, suggestions and feedback from all our clients, incorporating the best of them into our base product.

These are just some of the differences that make Resource House uniquely responsive to the needs and challenges of state human service agencies.

The Bottom Line

Resource House consolidates your statewide database in a single, user-friendly application that provides both universal access and system-wide tracking-with no compromise on security or control. So Resource House actually improves service delivery by expanding your information base and promoting collaboration, while allowing for local flavor among your stakeholders.

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Want to integrate information from individual data maintenance hubs across the state? Or do you prefer to keep your database activities well organized within one centralized management site? Either way, Resource House can support-and enhance-your operations.

Centralized data integration is built into the Resource House system. Here are just a few of the capabilities our users take for granted.

  • Establish unique centralized provider ID numbers interactively with I&R hubs.
  • Let each I&R hub seamlessly maintain its data within the single statewide database—in real time, without the need for manual or batch reconsolidation of multiple databases into the central system.
  • Let providers make their own data changes online, and have those requests directly downloadable by their regional I&R hub-which in turn can maintain quality through clearly displayed changed fields.
  • Automatically route all new provider registrations received in the statewide system to the appropriate regional I&R hub.
  • Consolidate taxonomy and keywords from multiple databases into a single, non-duplicative system.

What’s the downside to all this integration? There isn’t any. Resource House permits I&R Center trade-off while simultaneously maintaining I&R individuality. Here are some of the ways you-and your providers and consumers-can benefit.

  • Push out common pick lists and configurations to everyone via the Web.
  • Produce a common online directory for the public that each sponsoring I&R can customize and brand.
  • Allow after hours I&R center trade-offs while letting participating I&Rs maintain control of their own databases.

Ease of Use

Sophisticated, yes. Complicated, no. Here are just a few of Resource House’s uniquely intelligent features

  • Comprehensive, intuitive, straightforward tools for database people.
  • An accessible, easy to use online public interface.
  • A clear, six step user interface that dramatically cuts the learning curve for I&R center staff.
  • Directories that automatically include the most up-to-date information in your database, every time you print.
  • Reports with drag-and-drop layout functionality.


In case of natural disasters or terrorist attack, your system has to remain 100% functional and reliable. With its Web-Windows hybrid platform and regional/statewide data redundancy, Resource House can ensure uninterrupted service under pressure.

Natural disaster
Your statewide database is physically backed up—automatically—at every I&R office in the system. So redundant copies of the database are distributed statewide.
Physical terrorist attacks
The same automated redundancy feature protects your data from unnatural disasters, too.
Each I&R hub has a complete, redundant, synchronized copy of the statewide database that can run indefinitely offline, via Windows. So even disruption of the Internet itself can’t compromise your Information and Referral data.


In 2001, Minnesota embarked on an ambitious long term care reform agenda. The goal: to rebalance long term care by shifting more resources to home and community based services; to lessen the number of nursing home beds; and to enhance access to long term care information and assistance. The strategy: create a statewide database, accessible via the Web, called MinnesotaHelp.info, to connect people with disabilities, seniors and families with information and assistance providers. Minnesota’s LinkAge Lines now use Resource House to integrate service information across the state.

“What we needed, right off the bat, were robust tools that are sufficiently integrated to allow for client and service tracking among multiple sites, with a common statewide resource Website and common directory and reporting production. Resource House has met all of those criteria so well that we’re expanding our system beyond the LinkAge Lines to license a variety of providers across the state.”

Krista Boston, J.D.
Director, Consumer Assistance Programs,
Minnesota DHS

“ The most satisfying aspects of using Resource House are having so much flexibility in the ability to customize our tools; working with a vendor who understands the needs of human services providers; the system’s attention to accessibility and usability; North Light’s awareness of the specific needs of government; and its willingness to share solutions among the national user network. Resource House has enabled us to meet and exceed our goals. ”- Krista Boston, J.D. Director, Consumer Assistance Programs Minnesota DHS