NLSoft Update Update In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve a face lift. The site now automatically adjusts itself to various screen resolutions, a helpful feature for viewers using tablets or smart phones. We’ve


American Winter

American Winter Tom Shales from the Washington Post writes: “Somehow the Gantzes shape and frame their material so that it seems neither voyeuristic nor judgmental. They have found a new way to capture


Raising Expectations

Raising Expectations AARP, The Commonwealth Fund and the Scan Foundation have announced the results of their Raising Expectations: A State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Adults, People with Physical Disabilities,


Leveraging Social Media

Leveraging Social Media Matt Kinshella, Oregon 211’s Communications Director, is a passionate advocate of social media for social good. We had the opportunity to attend Matt’s workshop at the AIRS conference this past

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