Administer Overview

Resource House has a reputation for putting control directly in your hands. No Resource House product exemplifies this approach better than Administer.

This powerful application lets you customize your entire software suite—with more flexibility than anything else on the market. You could say that Administer multiplies the versatility built into all your other Resource House programs.

The bottom line? You get to maximize efficiency and minimize administration headaches. Across the board.

Administer’s Innovations

Now you can have the flexibility of an in-house system without the burden of maintaining it. Administer gives you unprecedented flexibility—with the price tag of an off-the-shelf system. Browse through these exclusive features to see just some of the ways Administer delivers more power, with fewer limitations.

Keep local and regional databases in synch with one click.
Sharing a common regional or statewide database with other agencies? Administer lets you resynchronize your local resource database copy with the master regional database on the Web server—daily or weekly. Your choice.
Define all your own custom client and caregiver fields.
You decide how many fields you need and where to put them. Make them text, numeric, date, phone, yes/no, check box, or pick list fields. You control the pick lists!
Keep your subscribers updated.
With your continually updated database, your community referral subscribers can download regular, accurate updates whenever they choose.
Update your software automatically.
Administer automatically checks for software updates for any Resource House program you own. Similarly, any enhancements to the database structure will be pushed out automatically through our Web-based database version control.
Make standard zip code tables your own.
With Administer’s dynamic, built-in national zip code database, you can customize standard US Postal Service zip code tables to reflect local preferences.
Maintain complete control of permissions.
Administer lets you specify access privileges for each user in your authorized table. For even greater security, you can control access to data on a field by field basis.
Push out customized, synchronized pick lists.
Now you can maintain custom pick lists for any supporting table, and push them out to your publications group. So problem/need codes, unmet needs, features, outcomes, telephone types and more are synchronized on a regional or statewide basis.

Administer’s Standards

Modify the system configuration.
Resource House is one of the most configurable products on the market. You can use the terms you prefer for client, caller, call (e.g., care recipient, caregiver, contact) and the whole system will use your terms. You can also turn on or off many optional features.
Maintain all supporting tables and pick lists.
Maintain users, keywords, telephone types, documents, features, feature categories, problem/needs, unmet needs, outcomes, provider types and more.
Review current version information for all installed software.
Administer keeps track of which version you have installed for any Resource House application, and for your Resource House database. When updates are published you receive them automatically.
Choose your own keyboard shortcuts.
Administer lets you choose the topics you want your staff to be able to select with a single keystroke.
Streamline your taxonomy tables.
Create your own taxonomy terms, and hide the codes you don’t use.

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  • I’m relatively tech-oriented, but by no means a tech specialist—and I’ve found Administer easy, quick and responsive

    Susan Gemmel 2-1-1 Director - Crisis Clinic of Seattle, King County
  • We use Resource House across three groups with varying needs. We’ve customized 23 different screens or tabs, and each group only sees its own screens. That really streamlines our operations, and it also makes them more secure.

    Susan Gemmel 2-1-1 Director - Crisis Clinic of Seattle, King County
  • Being able to configure a lot of the screens ourselves saves time and gives us the configurations we want. We also really like being able to arrange and rearrange the fields. Changes in funding sources shift our priorities from time to time, and Administer makes it easy to change or add the fields required for new data profiles

    Susan Gemmel 2-1-1 Director - Crisis Clinic of Seattle, King County