Data Manager Overview

Only one database maintenance program can significantly reduce your workload without disrupting your publishing and coding conventions—North Light’s Data Manager.

Simply create your database the way you want it. If you’re in a regional or statewide system, sit back while Data Manager automatically integrates them all into a single, comprehensive resource.

When providers make changes through the online Provider Portal, see all the changes to your original, item by item—along with contextual emphases, before and after comparisons, deletions, and much more. Upload changes with the click of a button to your consumer Public Portal.

So now you can process provider information according to your own specifications. It all adds up to less work and more control.

Data Manager’s Innovations

No other database management system can offer you these uniquely flexible, intelligent, convenient options.

See all provider changes at a glance.
You can accept or reject provider input at will. Item by item.
Know the context of every change.
Data Manager highlights all provider changes—in context, within their respective records.
Compare before and after values.
With the before and after values of every change clearly displayed, you can easily select the one you want.
Know what’s missing.
Changed your mind? No problem. All deleted information shows up clearly.
Get instant taxonomy help.
Not only does Data Manager offer built-in taxonomy coding helpers; it even suggests codes based on other programs with similar names.
Give your community unprecedented access.
Only Data Manager can translate professionally oriented service descriptions into fifth grade English—or, if you prefer, leave them as is for service providers.
Include everyone.
Do you serve a Spanish speaking community? Hmong? No problem. Data Manager stores resource data in any number of foreign languages.

Data Manager’s Standards

Data Manager is definitely innovative—but it’s also solid and stable. Here are just some of the core features you expect in a hard-working data management system.

End tedious manual updating.
Teamed up with Resource House’s Provider Portal, Data Manager gives providers direct electronic updating capabilities.
Exchange resource data across software platforms
Data Manager’s AIRS XML Import and Export service will happily exchange data with whatever software systems other organizations in your region are using.
Capture a full range of resource data fields.
Data Manager puts a comprehensive list of fields at your fingertips.
Check spelling in one fell swoop.
You can spell check your agency’s entire database in a single step.

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  • I recently recalculated the time it takes to do data maintenance, to see whether Resource House had made any measurable impact on our efficiency. A year or so ago, it took us an average of one hour to enter each new agency or update. Resource House has cut that time in half. There are several factors involved in this improvement, but I’d say the key has been our increasing use of Provider Portal, along with Data Manager’s extremely efficient change request screen.

    Michael Charney HousingLink Manager -
  • I’m so comfortable using Data Manager that it’s hard to pinpoint everything I like about it. One thing I really like compared to other software I’ve seen is the user-friendly way of assigning taxonomy codes: you don’t have to switch back and forth between the code, the definition of the terms, the service description and the screen where you assign the code—it’s all on one screen. When we do our statewide database for our hotlines and want to enter a consistent service for each county, Data Manager lets us load a template, copy the whole service and rename it. So if you have to do 723 WIC programs, one for each county in the state, you can do that quickly through the template rather than retyping the terms every time.

    Karen Brandt Public Health Information and Referral Service - Great Rivers 2-1-1/Wisconsin