Directory Overview

Resource House’s Directory application makes it amazingly easy to publish camera-ready directories of your database. Directory takes you step by step from creating your directory through printing it, giving you myriad options along the way.

Sort your directories by any of five different categories. Save them by provider or search criteria. See updated information every time you print. Directory’s advanced features understand exactly what you need.

Directory’s Innovations

Like all Resource House applications, Directory is designed to work the way you do. These leading-edge features are just a sampling of how this versatile program neatly removes the hassles typically associated with directory publishing.

Prepare ready-to-publish directories with unprecedented ease.
Directory spares you time and aggravation, while delivering clear, crisp, current publications directly from your resource database.
See the latest resource information—every time.
Once you’ve created a topic-based directory, it will display up to date information each time you run it.
Save any directory as a fixed provider list or a single search criteria set.
Don’t let your application dictate how you want your directory configured.
Choose agency-based or topic-based directories.
Directory comes with dual options built in.
Determine your own fonts, headers, footers, and fields.
It’s up to you how your directories will look—and what they’ll include.
Customize field names displayed in a directory.
Your database of providers is unique. No need to settle for formulaic field names.

Directory’s Standards

Many of the features now considered routine in directory publishing applications were pioneered by Resource House. So while others may have similar functionality, Directory is still the leader in its field.

Export and edit.
Export your directory to Microsoft Word, then edit before you print. You can export to Adobe PDF format, too.
Select double or single column format.
Organize your camera-ready directories to reflect your needs and preferences.
Enjoy plenty of sorting options.
Agency name. City. Zip. County. Whatever basis you want to use for sorting, Directory is happy to comply.
Choose your criteria for creating automatic indexes.
Automatically create indexes by agency, service or topic.

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