Provider Portal Overview

Providers keep evolving and expanding their services. That’s good. But you have to keep up with them—and that can mean a never-ending stream of data entries.

Unless you have Resource House’s online Provider Portal.

Not only does Provider Portal shift the entry tasks to the providers themselves; it lets providers edit their information directly, without cumbersome change requests. At the same time, you can review all changes in context, with before and after values at your fingertips.

Provider Portal even lets you create your own tip sheets, relative to any taxonomy code you want.

It all adds up to vastly improved efficiency, up-to-date accuracy—and more time to work on some evolution and expansion of your own.

Provider Portal’s Innovations

Only Provider Portal from Resource House makes updating information this simple and secure.

Control input and output.
Provider Portal generates a summary of changes, and puts you in charge of accepting and rejecting. Changes are highlighted within their respective records, and all deletions are displayed, too. So you can tell at a glance what you want to keep or restore. Before and after values make decisions even easier.
Incorporate consumer reviews.
… or reject them. Simply activate the consumer review feature, then select the input you want to display on your Public Portal.
Encourage sensitive inquiries.
Provider Portal lets your Public Portal users query providers anonymously, eliminating barriers to inquiries on stigmatized topics.
Compose your own tip sheets.
You can compile helpful information on any taxonomy code—then display it on your Public Portal consumer site.
Give providers direct access.
Unique IDs and passwords give providers direct editing access to their own information (and only their own).
Make it easy for them.
When providers log in, they can see everything you have stored about their respective agencies and services.
Stay current—really current.
Bed counts, volunteer opportunities, job openings, any real time unit of service: providers can update these and other changeable data on the spot.
Let Provider Portal track and prompt updates.
Provider Portal emails providers automatically when it’s time for them to update their records.

Provider Portal’s Standards

Stay on top of your evaluation, planning and funding contingencies with Provider Portal’s first rate report features.

Save time on user searches.
Provider Portal’s user search function displays your Public Portal’s most frequently searched agencies and services.
Know your taxonomy usage.
You can see how many searches have been made for each taxonomy code.
Rate taxonomy code searches.
Provider Portal reports on your most frequently searched codes.
Search by location.
Generate reports on the number of searches made by city, county or zip.
See your most active cities.
Provider Portal lists the most frequently searched cities in your service area.

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I recently recalculated the time it takes to do data maintenance, to see whether Resource House had made any measurable impact on our efficiency. A year or so ago, it took us an average of one hour to enter each new agency or update. Resource House has cut that time in half. There are several factors involved in this improvement, but I’d say the key has been our increasing use of Provider Portal, along with Data Manager’s extremely efficient change request screen.

Michael Charney HousingLink Manager