Public Portal Overview

Public Portal is a powerful, accessible gateway for the public, caregivers and providers. This user-friendly Website makes it easy for even relatively unsophisticated users to find and view up-to-date information about your programs and services.

Public Portal’s Innovations

Special Editions for specific target groups.
Seniors, youth, disabled—any group can now have a dedicated site linked directly from your Public Portal home page. Set up your own graphics, designated “hot topics,” special alerts, unique Take Me To links and suggested keywords for each Special Editions page.
Geography made easy.
Public Portal’s sophisticated features let users calculate the distance from home (or any other address) to providers; perform statewide searches; and even drop result sets onto a Yahoo map!
Google-style searches paired with taxonomy results.
Only Resource House combines the popularity of Google-style keyword searches with taxonomy-clustered results. Other products lose the advantage of your staff’s meticulous taxonomy coding. We add links to the top taxonomy terms inside each result set, so users can quickly focus on precisely targeted results. Result sets can be sorted by language, accessibility and even proximity. Built-in shopping carts let users save Websites, resources and tips to a personal home page.
And that’s just the beginning.
With immediately usable tips and much more, Public Portal gives both your community and your providers more access, more options and more substantial support than any other public human services Website around. Click the “Compare Features” tab for even more exclusive and specialized features.

Public Portal’s Standards

Print your own results set.
Public Portal lets users gather information about various providers and print them out in a single document.
Get immediate help through LiveChat.
Instant response, instant information. Users can contact helplines withLiveChat directly from Public Portal.
Customize your topics to target populations.
You configure your own list of special topics to address the communities you serve. Special Editions adds even more features to this versatile functionality.
Link to other Websites.
Public Portal directs users to helpful sites right from the pages they’re already viewing.
Search by any criterion.
Public Portal supports statewide, city/state, provider name and keyword searches. Even the slightest information is enough to point users toward substantive resources.
Track usage.
Who’s using Public Portal when? What pages are they using? There’s lots of information you can gather about your Website’s users and providers.
The importance of accessibility.
Public Portal meets or exceeds all Section 508 requirements.

Acclaim for Public Portal

When it comes to your online public interface, it’s ultimately the your community’s experience that counts. Here’s what some users have to say about their interaction with Public Portal.

  • North Light has done an AMAZING job. This is what we should expect, but it is still too infrequent that we see this level of attention paid to the details.

    Independent Section 508 accessibility analyst -

    What an impressive Website and search tool!

    NO complaints! Just had to tell you that this is one of the best and easiest Websites I’ve ever had the pleasure to try to find info on. Thanks for doing a great job on this.

    Rita Parks Public Portal User -

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