Information … and Referral 4.0

You should be the one to dictate how things are done—not your I & R software.

That’s why Resource House’s Referral sets the standard for customization and flexibility. No matter what kind of client data you need, this Web-based application can accommodate you.

Unlimited, unrestricted custom fields; automatic demographic filtering; your own best-practice script, help and style guide displayed—newbies and volunteer staff can jump right in!

Not only that: because Referral is web-based you can share both client and resource data across your service area. So now larger and smaller I&Rs can cooperate to provide 24/7 coverage, with full access to case logs and inquiries throughout the network. Plus, those shared records help you keep track of clients who move or receive care in other parts of the coverage area.

With Referral, disasters need no longer shut you down: Web hosting means I&R staff can work from home if necessary. (This handy home-based option can also reduce office expenses.)

Referral’s Innovations

Other systems have tried to imitate Referral’s flexibility and ease of use. None have surpassed it. When you read through the list below, you’ll see why the Resource House solution continues to earn the highest ratings in the industry.

Work from anywhere.
Referral is a Web-hosted application, which means you can log in from any Internet browser. So now illness or disaster needn’t shut you down.

Forget about backups.
With “cloud computing,” your storage and backup worries are over. You also save money on IT costs and reduce your equipment needs. Referral stores all your client and inquiry data in a HIPAA-compliant hosting facility, where it’s routinely backed up.

Unlimited fields. Unlimited screens.
Referral lets you configure unlimited custom fields per screen—with no limit to the number of screens. Plus, you can create independent collections of screens for inquiries and follow-ups. Want a survey to use only during follow-ups? Add it to your follow-up collection.

Display custom prompts, style guides, and help files.
Guide staff through calls using your own custom prompts. Training new staff? Referral displays your own best-practice script for operators to recite during the call.

Determine your own call procedures.
You decide which data fields are required. Referral will automatically bundle up and display any incomplete required fields as ticklers before the record can be saved as complete. You can also configure fields to be required only under certain circumstances, such as when certain other fields have a specified value.

Support teamwork without compromising security.
Configure role-based permissions. Fields can be private or shared within subgroups, so specialized units inside your organization can work with their own, unique sets of data fields not seen by anyone else.

Ensure uniform data.
Referral lets you create a custom pick list (single or multi-selection) for any client field to ensure your data is entered consistently.

Determine your own field formats.
Date, phone, currency, text, numeric, checkbox … you can apply predefined field formats to any field to ensure consistent reports.

Save time with default values.
Are some fields filled in with the same value over and over? Just set a default value. Referral makes it easy!

Track caregivers independently from clients.

Support one-to-many relationships by configuring separate client and caller tables, each with a unique field structure.

Filter search results based on client preferences.
View only the services that match the client’s preferences. Payment options, language spoken, accessibility requirements—there’s no limit to the number of preferences you can use to filter your search results.

Auto-filter results by demographics
Client demographics such as gender, age, etc. can be used to automatically filter search results.

Auto-generate filters from data you enter in the client form.
You can easily back off any filter to broaden results.

Referral’s Standards

With all those innovations, you’d think there wouldn’t be any room for the basic features you expect in a referral system. But you can rely on Referral to deliver on the fundamentals—with the same intuitive acumen we’ve built into its many advanced functions.

Trust our comprehensive security options.
Referral’s security system offers four permission categories for each client or caller field—plus the option to restrict record deletion privileges.

Keep on top of staff follow-ups.
Operators can create follow-up tasks within any call session. Supervisors can monitor staff follow-ups.

Allow one-to-many relationships.
With up to five custom fields for each call record, you can track unique call data each time a client calls.

Monitor call timing.
All calls are timed automatically. Referral’s Pause Timing feature ensures accurate reporting.

Search for it your way.
We give you flexible ways to search: taxonomy code, keyword, geographic area. And you can add any number of search features, such as wheelchair access, languages spoken, etc.

Jump to agency Websites for even more information.
Search results include direct links to agency Websites so you can browse them in a separate window.

Customize your unmet needs, problems and outcomes.
Create your own lists of problems, unmet needs or outcomes to track. Operators can add optional comments to any problem, unmet need or outcome selected.

Customize your screen names.
You get to choose your own names for all client and caregiver screens—and for all client and caregiver fields.

Referral Design Notes

Designing for Flexibility

Designing a user-friendly information and referral system is an exercise in imposing simplicity upon complexity. Checkers provides an interesting example of this combination. The design of the game is fairly simple. There are a series of known pieces that behave in established functional ways within a well-defined game board. But of course the game provides complexity depending upon how each player’s moves unfold.

We’ve designed Referral 4.0 so that it provides a series of configurable functions that sit on forms that live within a well-defined sequence. You can create unique, even complex, combinations of these functions: text boxes, pick lists, check boxes, etc. to customize your version of Referral to meet your data collection goals. In this way the complexity of your unique needs can be expressed inside a simple platform that brings logical order to the process of finding information for callers and collecting data about each inquiry.

Joint Application Development

Whenever we add an enhancement to our software, we always look to see how the functionality being sought can be generalized so that the capability the enhancement seeks to provide can be used by all of our customers. Using this principle we’ve added generalized solutions like universal prompts, style guide and help. We offer configurable ways to search for and list both calls and follow ups, and clients and callers. Our “features” sub-system is simple and generalized in its structure. But this simple structure—in which you can create any number of “feature categories” which in turn can contain any number of “features”—allows you to create just about any conceivable combination of filtering items that operators can use to pinpoint the best service for a caller’s needs.


Interoperability is another hallmark of flexible design. A single resource database of agencies and services sits behind all of our applications, including Referral, for I&R centers, and tools for the public like Public Portal and Resource Advisor. Currently we are designing interoperable modules that will handle search set up and search results—but which will be shared across all our applications, for the public, for the I&R center and for agencies. These search setup and result modules will combine the best features from all of our tools into a single set of functions.

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We appreciate Resource House’s ability to combine client tracking and service referral functions in one database. Our staff has found that they can manage high call volumes and track ongoing cases effectively because of the various ways Referral lets us sort calls—incomplete, complete, by week, by month, etc. Being able to set follow-ups is another big boost to efficiency.

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