Report Overview

“How has the average call length changed since we added new fields to our inquiry forms?” “What are the top ten problem/needs callers have this week?” If you have questions like these, Report, an intuitive, web-based, ad-hoc reporting, analysis and dashboard solution, is for you. You can have information at your fingertips, organized the way you want it—and uniquely displayed for maximum impact.

Take any table—clients, caregivers, inquiries, referrals, follow ups, unmet needs, problem/need areas, agencies, services … Report will generate meaningful feedback that shows you what’s really going on. Report gives you all the extra bells and whistles you like—from interactive dashboards to high impact visualization tools like Web-based charts and graphs. But these extra features don’t require extra effort. Report gives you the power to create and share web-based ad hoc reports without burdening IT—and without knowing complex query language.

Report’s Innovations

Report from Resource House gives you the most powerful tools in the world of human service reporting. A glance at these features will show you why.

Automatically integrate your custom fields.
When you create custom fields; you can use them to collect data from Referral; then drop them into any report. You can even filter or sort report data using your own custom fields.
Let Report simplify the process.
You’ll find ad-hoc report creation intuitive thanks to our wizard-driven process.
See your results in three-dimensional color.
Colorful, three-dimensional charts add impressive substance—and clarity—to your reports.
Put summary data where you can see it.
Create dashboards in a snap with Report’s intuitive tools.

Report’s Standards

Here’s a list of features you might find elsewhere—although perhaps not at this level of simplicity and sophistication.

Customize without programming.
Now you don’t need a programmer to design your own custom reports.
Pick a primary table to begin.
Report automatically loads the related tables and handles data relationships behind the scenes.
Filter or sort with any data field.
Report lets you filter or sort your report records based on any field—even the ones you create yourself.
Look before you leap.
With live report preview you’ll find it easy to test drive an ad hoc report before you print it or share it.
Export information with ease.
Quickly export your data into popular formats, including XML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or comma-delimited format.

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