Resource Advisor Overview

Your mother needs assistance. She’s sharp as a tack, but arthritis has severely limited her mobility. She wants to stay in or near the community she knows. How can you help her find answers?

Or let’s say you’re 21, and you’ve just lost your job. You need help paying the rent, advice about vocational training options and a new job. Where can you turn?

Resource Advisor makes this kind of planning and decision- making easier. A straightforward set of questionnaires leads you through all the criteria involved (if your Mom is computer savvy, she can navigate Resource Advisor herself). Based on your answers, Resource Advisor guides you to relevant resources in the region you select.

Now you’re ready to shape your own plan. Drawing from the resources you’ve found, simply save the information you want to your own home page and print out a personal plan that’s uniquely customized to your (or your mother’s) needs, preferences and location.

Resource Advisor is already hard at work for seniors and youth. But this versatile decision tool can be configured for whatever topics and populations you want: parents, people with disabilities or refugees, for example. You decide what areas make most sense for your community and create your own configurations-which automatically work with your existing database.

Resource Advisor Innovations

Put the power in their hands.
Coping with major life issues requires skill, experience and careful thought. All of these come together in Resource House’s self-guiding Resource Advisor, giving individuals the power to create custom plans for themselves, relatives or friends.
Educate your community.
As users respond to questions, Resource Advisor links their answers to taxonomy terms, then generates a list of appropriate local services. Users often discover service categories they wouldn’t otherwise have known to look for.
Adapt the language to the individual.
Once the Resource House Resource Advisor establishes who the plan is for, it refers to that person by name or designation in all subsequent questions—e.g., “Amy,” “your father” or “your sister.”
Guide users to services, documents, tips and Web links.
Resource Advisor is robust enough to accommodate a range of helpful resources, including other Websites, tip sheets, PDF documents and lists of services in the local community.
Let users create and save their own personal plans.
All selected services, documents, tips and Web links go into the user’s plan. Then the plan can be output as a PDF file for printing or emailing to others.
One user can have many plans.
There’s no limit on the number of care plans a user can create and maintain. Caregivers or professionals who manage more than one care recipient especially appreciate this feature.
Configure tools to fit your preferences—and your database.
Questionnaires are designed to link questions and answers with taxonomy topics in your database.

Resource Advisor’s Standards

When it comes to meat and potatoes, the menu is entirely in your hands. What does your community need? What resources can you offer? You get to shape the functionality of your own Resource Advisor. That way, those who use it can shape better, more informed decisions.

For some ideas on how this people-friendly application could work in your service area, follow this link. It will take to you a state that is already reaping the benefits of a better educated, more empowered public. Long-Term Care Choices

Award Winner

Winner of the 2007 National Family Caregiving Technology Award from the National Alliance for Caregiving!

Nearly 100 non-profit organizations competed in the categories of caregiver support, education, and technology. Applicants were judged by a panel of caregiving experts.

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  • We want to be able to respond to users’ needs and make high quality information available whenever and wherever they need it. People can use our Web-based consumer Resource Advisors for seniors and youth whenever they wish—including over weekends or in the evenings, when most social or community service offices are closed. Especially as more people are using the Internet to find health-related information, these tools are expanding people’s awareness of their options and helping them create individual solutions.

    Mary Chilvers MinnesotaHelp - Minnesota Board on Aging
  • The Resource Advisors are some of the best work I’ve seen this team ever do. I am so proud of these tools, and we all can be. Good work all. All I can say is Wow!

    Krista Boston, J.D. Director, Consumer Assistance Programs - Minnesota DHS