WIN 211 and the North Light Web API

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WIN211 and the North Light Web API


Washington Information Network 2-1-1 (WIN 2-1-1) is using North Light’s API (Application Programming Interface) to launch searches directly from their main site homepage. This gives users quick and easy access to the most frequently requested services in the WIN 2-1-1 database.

“The Web API has allowed us to place the most requested topics front and center on our statewide 2-1-1 website (,” reports King County 2-1-1 Resource Specialist, Hannah Newton. “The API also allows us to create new searches when we see a trend, or to push resources that are under-utilized. Here is a great example: in 2011 ‘dental care’ was our 27th most searched term. Between January and June of 2012, the search term was used 171 times. In July 2012, an Information, Referral & Resource Specialist at the Peninsulas 2-1-1 implemented a ‘Quick Clicks’ option on the website. By December 2012, the total number of searches for the year totaled 1,174! So far in 2013, dental care is the most used search term on the site!”

Program Search

The Program Search Web Service returns a list of Programs from your Resource House database. Programs can be searched by Topic (taxonomy code or term), Hot Topic, or Special Topic. Results can be limited by location (by using a Zip code or county name in the request URL).

Coming Soon

New API search options—commissioned by Minnesota Board on Aging—will be added in the coming months. These include searches filtered by:

  • Agency Name
  • Service Name
  • Features

Using North Light’s API

All North Light customers can use North Light’s API on their main web site. A modest fee covers the setup. Contact us for more information.

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